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Hospitality Design, Digitally Delivered

Does your space need a massive makeover?  Or just some sprucing up? 

Big budget or small, we've got you covered.


The Refresh ($)

Small Budget, Quick Timeline

It's amazing what a little paint or some new lighting can do!  We'll recommend small changes that pack a big visual punch. 


The Fixer ($-$$)

Good design solves problems.

Is there an area of your space that doesn't seem to work? The awkward host stand or that table that makes every guest ask to be re-sat?  We can find solutions to make your space work for you and your guests. 

SB_Monnie Burkes_001.jpg

The Protector ($$)

COVID-safe...but make it pretty.

From touch-free bathroom fixtures to safety screens to thoughtful seating layouts, we can help you maximize your space while minimizing risk.


The Muse ($$$) 

Full-service design from a distance.


You provide photos and specs of your space.  We'll provide a full digital design with layout recs, paint and wallpaper ideas, product links, lighting advice and more.  We'll provide virtual support from start to finish. 

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