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1108-1110 N. California Ave., Chicago

The Hi-Lo is a neighborhood cocktail bar that gets its name from the buildings it occupies: a circa 1898 three-story building and the small a-frame that sits on the adjacent lot.  But the name is also a reference to the vibe of the space, which is at the same time luxe and casual, sophisticated but comfortable, fresh but lived-in.  We drew inspiration from the history of the Humboldt Park neighborhood, from the European immigrants of the late 19th century through to the vibrancy and warmth of the neighborhood’s Hispanic community. The color palette was drawn from area’s original buildings – green oxidized copper, terra cotta bricks, gray stone.  But there are also nods to the neighborhood’s different eras in the upholstery, furniture forms and patterns. The way the elements work together so harmoniously make The Hi-Lo feel like it has always been here. 

Photos by Daija Guy.

Siren Betty Design - The Hi-Lo - photos by Daija Guy (6).jpg
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