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114 N Elizabeth St. Chicago, IL 60607

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We were thrilled to work on another Solo location, so naturally we wanted to incorporate bits of the old in with the new. This was accomplished by recycling light fixtures, mirrors, and some accessories from the previous space. The goal at this location was to create more of a Bohemian feel, and that was easy to achieve with our combination of floral wallpapers, brightly colored tiles, and vibrant furniture. We were able to bring the woods to the salon with a giant live-edge table as a stunning centerpiece, as well as some rustic shelving in the front display area. The giant skylight may have been the most dramatic transformation of all. It leaves the entire salon feeling bright and sun-soaked, which is perfect for all of the lush foliage scattered throughout the space.

Special Thanks to:

Vero Design and Build

Kamag Construction

Waypost Creative

Rich Shillkus

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