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What We've Been Up To

Our team will be giving you a behind the scenes look at all things Siren Betty Design with our new blog. We want to show you a more personal side of us including our interests and how they influence our style.

You can expect to see everything from past projects, new ones we are stoked on, tips for designing on a budget, trends we are loving at the moment and much more.

For this week’s post, we want to highlight some aspects of our past projects that the team is still digging. We seriously still dream about some of these rugs and couches and we want to highlight our personal faves for you.

It's no secret that we love a good vintage find and The Publishing House, located in the West Loop, is the perfect mix of vintage with a modern touch. Part of the fun with this project was working with the owners Shawn and Kimberly to pick out unique fabrics to reupholster some killer vintage furniture that we found at several flea markets and thrift stores around the country. The peacock blue couch located in Everleigh suite was definitely a stand out piece that we enjoyed giving a new life. We also can’t get enough of the beautiful rugs and ALL of the amazing tiles we got to use throughout, adding pops of color and character making this place feel so special.

We had a great time working on the West Loop’s newest wine bar, The Press Room, and there is so much good stuff going on that we need to share with you. We loved that we got to keep a lot of the original design features throughout the space to give it an organic vintage feel. One addition that we made to the space was the private booth area with forest green velvet upholstery. This area also has overlapped wallpaper that Nikki, our Designer and Drafter, created in photoshop by taking an old image of The Free Methodist Publishing House building and a modern forest landscape in order to create something unique for the space. Another aspect of the project, where we were able to use some creativity, was with the custom bar face with cut up panels that were reused from the building. This piece gives the space a lot of character and continues the vintage feel throughout. Again, we got to use some amazing custom tile to make it the stand out piece of the space.

The Solo Salon is located within the same building as The Publishing House and The Press Room, so it continues the cool, lived in vintage feel that we see throughout the rest of the building but with a more modern touch. We found some super cool Charred Cedar wallpaper from Flavor Paper that we were thrilled to add to the space. We paired that with dark grey walls and tin tiles on the ceiling giving the space an urban industrial feel. A standout aspect of this space that we are super proud of is the hair coloring wall with a neon sign and the perfect selfie backdrop with wallpaper from Flavor Paper. This is an awesome addition to the space making it perfectly instagrammable for the most fabulous hair pics.

Quiote was a very exciting project for us because of the unique contrast from the upstairs dining room to the downstairs bar. We decided to cover the whole ceiling with lath for this project, and that was a scary decision for the client since it was covering the entire ceiling and large portions of the walls, but it definitely paid off. This design feature added a more cozy feel to the space, opposed to the bright white modern feel that we see throughout the upstairs dining room, and we loved this contrast.

Some additional aspects of projects that we can't leave out are the silver crushed velvet upholstery and heavy turquoise drapery that we got to use for the Slightly Toasted project. This made for a super funky modern atmosphere that we wish we could chill out in all day long.

We're also loving on some lighting features that we have used in the past including all of the custom lighting used throughout Willow RM. This upscale space is full of awesome pops of color, and the unique lighting was the perfect addition we were looking for, for an updated prohibition era cocktail bar feel.

The Dr. Martens store is another one of our personal favorites. This space is incredibly funky and holds true to the Dr. Martens iconic brand. One way we conveyed the Dr. Martens feel was by creating custom wall coverings in the dressing rooms of album cover art and concert flyers. This also makes for the perfect instagrammable moment for customers to take advantage of while trying on their newest trendy products.

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