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Siren Betty's Instagrammable Spaces

Though we may not like to admit it, we’re always looking for a good photo-op. We design our spaces with many things in mind but with the social media era we’re living in, the photo-worthiness of a space is especially important. Here are some of our favorite spots to see pop-up online, and how you can create a similar look in your space.


The Funky Couch at The Pink Squirrel

One of the biggest attractions at the Pink Squirrel (besides the duckpin bowling and boozy milkshakes) is the wrap around couch, facing the two lanes. Thanks to the bold print and texture on the backrest paired with the sparkling seat, it's an easy photo spot to pick out.

If you’re aiming to create a look like this in your home-try reupholstering an old favorite. By giving your favorite couch, or old dining chairs a new look you can add a bit more interest to the space and make it more photogenic and funky.


The Pink Tub at The Publishing House

We suppose this isn’t a huge shock, who can resist a pink tub after all? This piece fits perfectly in the well-lit corner of the The Publishing House’s Everleigh room. It’s a great spot for a soak and even better for a picture. This piece is all about the unexpected.

If you want to emulate this look, but can’t find a pink tub, don't worry. A great way to transition this into your space is to add color in an unexpected way, maybe paint your bed frame a bright yellow or add some colorful tile to your kitchen backsplash. Anything to make your guests (or followers) take a second look.


The Tropical Wallpaper at The Publishing House

We’re going back to the social media basics with a classic mirror selfie. When designing this room for the Publishing House we opted for a lush and leafy wallpaper whose print camouflages the circular mirror above the sink. The bathroom is completed by the spherical light in the corner and someone to snap a pic.

An easy hack for making this look your own is to find a wallpaper you love and stick it on one, or a few walls. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can paint the wall accents yourself. A simple branched pattern or even something more time intensive works well when trying to add dimension to a room.


The Wallpaper at Solo Salon

Another quick selfie spot is the black and white hallway of Solo Salon. Susan custom designed this wallpaper with the logo as its feature. The wall’s repetition makes is a nice backdrop for photos without it having to be a flat colored wall.

When adding an element like this to your home, it is important to keep pattern and repetition in mind. Stripes, polka dots or checkered designs add interest to a space without being distracting and will make a great background for any snaps.


Tiled Floors at Multiple Locations

We aim to design spaces where no pocket is left forgotten. Many of our spaces have flooring or tiles that add to the overall mood, and help give the area a well-finished look. Plus it is nice to have a charming floor to walk fresh shoes across.

If you're adding funky tiles to your space, don’t forget about the bathroom! Adding tile in the front entrance, kitchen or bathroom of your home can bring in an unexpected color or accent to the space, and if a full room feels like too much-try placing a bolder tile around the fireplace or in a small alcove of your home.

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