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SBD in NYC: ICFF & WantedDesign Recap

We’ve been reminiscing on our whirlwind weekend in the big apple. The SBD team visited two shows with only a little bit of time to take it all in and we wanted to share our memories of it with you! Below are just a few highlights and some brands that caught our eye at ICFF and WantedDesign.



This year marked the ICFF’s 30th showcase. This year’s round of the annual fair housed more than 36,000 interior designers, architects, retailers, representatives, distributors, facility managers, developer, manufacturers, store designers and visual merchandisers. All the exhibitors also get to show their work to the general public on the last day of the show.

As you may have guessed, the show kept us pretty busy. Here’s a quick look at where we wandered.



This British furniture company’s booth drew us in with their pastel peach walls and minimalist seating. They were showcasing their new award-winning VON collection, an array of pieces suitable for the home, workspace or hospitality settings, as well as some of their Ercol Originals. The Originals, which were designed by the company’s Italian born founder Lucian R Ercolani, are timeless wooden adaptations on the classic Windsor chair. We were blown away by their simple yet beautiful presentation.



The Los Angeles based Uruguayan duo used this fair to showcase their newest collection, Flow. The women create sculptural pieces from combinations of steel and glass or leather and wood to showcase the brutalist and minimal take on Uruguay. The booth itself was elevated and simple with their new and unique pieces showcased artistically. We fell partial to the O stool, with its curved edge and soft lines. It makes for a bold yet functional addition to a space.



Next, we moved to WantedDesign a show in Manhattan creating a platform for up and coming design studios, independent designers and established brands to share stories and interact with audiences. This year was their 8th running and they welcomed more international exhibitors.



A group we saw and found particularly inspiring was New York Heartwoods. The company builds their items from urban trees that have been storm-downed, and in turn give trees a chance to grow. They work in custom work but have a few collection pieces available in different wood types. The company has worked with the likes of Eileen Fisher and Uchu to create custom pieces that work in their spaces.



Another company that caught our eye. This collaboration, based in San Jose, takes time when creating materials that focus on softness, slowness, and intimacy. The pieces have a whimsical feel to match the company’s look. Their booth featured dreamy pink and lavender hues and housed their s-w pieces. We loved the items for their interchangeability. One day the seat had a velvet lavender color and the next it was shrouded in plush and vibrant fibers. This is a great place to look for versatile furniture.

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