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Off The Wall: SBD's Wallpaper Roundup

If you’re familiar with our work then you’ll recognize our love for wallpaper and how it can be utilized to create unique spaces. The perfect wallpaper can add personality to a room, thus creating an impact that will make the space unforgettable. No matter what you're looking for, there is a wallpaper out there for you. This time around, our team has picked our favorites to share with you. Hopefully it will give you some fresh ideas for any upcoming projects!

Our girl Lexi likes to check out West Elm for wallpapers that are always on trend. They have a lot of affordable and super classic options that can be applied in any setting. She loves their Quartz Stone Mural Wallpaper because it is more texture based than a repeating or busy pattern. This wall covering is inspired by the natural beauty of stones and minerals and adds a touch of drama and glamour to the setting of your choice. She thinks this would go perfectly in a residential space by adding a touch of color and texture.​

Filthy Home’s wall coverings have been an office favorite for a while now. All of their designs have hilarious names that bring a little humor to your space. Lexi really likes the small intricate patterns that you have to be up close to see just what the pattern is. Just like this one named, “Candy Tip.” Lexi believes this repetitive banana pattern would look perfect in a bar or restaurant bathroom to add some super fun detail.

Nikki has been a fan of beautiful floral patterns like this one from Guthrie Bowron. She loves this extremely enlarged patterned called Masterpiece and it truly is a masterpiece. This is an incredible large-scale piece and Nikki is absolutely obsessed with what this type of wall covering does to a room. It’s dramatic, yet delicate and works as an art piece on any wall of your choice.

Susan is really into small-scale, repeat floral patterns right now. She loves these types of old school, floral fabric prints because they remind her of dresses she used to wear as a child, which have recently come back into fashion. Susan connects with any organic wallpaper. She suggests shopping for these style prints at places like Anthropology, Spoonflower, or WallsNeedLove!

Nicole has always loved vintage wallpapers, and this William Morris print is one of her absolute favorites. This specific pattern is full of history. William Morris made major contributions to the revival of traditional British textile in 1875, and it was patterns like this that became highly fashionable among British upper and middle class. Nicole has a great appreciation for this work and loves how it is so highly detailed and colorful.

Nicole is also a big fan of Kelly Wearstler and her unique interior items. She is loving this beautiful, hand-painted striped pattern. It’s modern with a vintage vibe, and it perfectly fits her aesthetic. This is a great wallpaper to add a pop of color and could be used in any setting.

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