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New Team Member Highlight: Meet Kaitlin

Meet Kaitlin! She is from a small farm town in Wisconsin called Milton. Kaitlin always knew she wanted to do something artistic, but it took her some time to realize what exactly that artistic thing was. She spent a lot of summers watching HGTV with her grandma and even though she did not like to admit it out loud, it was what sparked her initial interest in design. Kaitlin’s favorite part of design is storytelling. The concept of researching the history of a building and the neighborhood itself, plus incorporating pieces from small businesses and the flavor of local communities is what drives Kaitlin’s work.

“The best part of having an interior design job is that I get to be creative and that every day is unique and brings new and exciting challenges.” -Kaitlin

She finds a lot of inspiration in her travels, experiencing other cultures, landscapes and stumbling upon local restaurants, shops, and hotels. Her favorite place she has traveled to would have to be beautiful! When she went it was not overcrowded with tourists yet and it was extremely affordable. What a perfect vacation!

When Kaitlin is not working, you can find her snuggling up with her wild pup Lula or hanging out on their little sailboat. A fun fact about Kaitlin is that she has a passion for food which is perfect for Siren Betty’s focus in hospitality! Kaitlin may just be your basic Betty Crocker, but oh man does she love to eat! Kaitlin and her boyfriend love spending time trying to cook a fancy meal at least once a week. To keep up with Kaitlin, you can find her on Instagram @kaiteswain.

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