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New Project Announcement: Salt Flats

If you know us, you know we love a hospitality space. We’ve enjoyed making restaurants and bars like The Press Room and The Pink Squirrel, comfortable spots for diners and socialites to spend their time. Recently though, we were introduced to a project that we couldn’t pass up.

Salt Flats is the first innovation house of its kind. They have created an ecosystem to encourage the success of innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups, with their systems of exploration, experimentation, and execution. It’s easy to see that there will be many achievements coming from this space, and we are excited to have been a part of creating this collaborative venue.We designed Salt Flats with their mission in mind. The atmosphere has to reflect cooperation and encourage productivity. To do this we drew inspiration from the Soho House and other co-working spaces and brought sophistication to the dated canvas that we were given. In classic SBD style, we worked to blend vintage with modern by curating furniture from many eras.
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