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Neighborhood Spotlight: Flowers for Dreams

It time to show a little extra love to one of our neighbors! Just one block away we have Flowers for Dreams, an amazing company that not only creates vibrant bouquets but also helps to give back to the community.

They started by selling roses at a college graduation and using part of the proceeds to buy backpacks for the lower income students at their school. From there, they saw the idea grow and after being shown the not-so-sweet part of the industry they built an honest and ethical floral delivery company that we constantly swoon for.

One of the things that we love most about flowers for dreams is that they change the charity they donate to monthly. To date, they have donated over $250,000 to multiple causes. An added bonus of their work is that the flowers are delivered for free within Chicago and Madison. Because (as we’re sure you know) we adore bringing natural aspects and plant life into a space, having Flowers for Dreams so close is perfect for when we’re looking to grab a gift or share some brightness with someone who needs it.

The company has also gone to the lengths of making sure the flowers are presented in reusable/recyclable packaging. All the stems are chosen in the morning so each day, you know you’re getting a fresh bunch.

This month they are supporting 3Arts, an organization that advocates for Chicago's women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities working in the performing, teaching, and visual arts. Having Flowers for Dreams as a neighbor definitely makes us feel like we’re in good company!

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