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Infra Realism

Recently, on a quick peruse of Wallpaper* we came across the work of Kate Ballis. The Melbourne-based photographer has been shooting landscapes and spaces in Palm Springs but in a way that reveals the images in infrared light.


We love the jarring color palette, the bright pinks, and electric blue brings a new feeling to the desert landscape. Ballis believes the style of photography is the intersection of science and magic, and we couldn’t agree more. Ballis’ artistry is clear from the way she makes the viewer evaluate space in a light not typically visible to our eye. She has photographed recognizable spaces including the Palm Springs Tennis Club, The Parker Hotel and The Ace Hotel and Swim Club.

At Siren Betty, we focus on blending old with new by bringing vintage and refurbished pieces into a modern space. We appreciate Ballis’ work for doing the same thing. The mid-century modernist architecture of the setting is made new with this innovative style of photography. Seeing the vintage cars and retro shapes filled with a new light is other-worldly. The color palette is one that can be replicated in a space as well, perhaps with a bit more subtlety. Just by adding one of her prints to a space you can brighten and add whimsy to your home or office. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to use bright accent colors onto a piece that already stands out. Ballis has inspired us to push the envelope in ways of thinking, and we’re sure she’ll do the same for you.

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