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How to Incorporate Natural Elements in a Space

It’s no secret that we love to add greenery in a space. Adding a bit of life brings the mood and feel of a room up and can provide some extra vitality. Plant life, however, is not the only way that we enjoy pulling natural elements into a room. Below, we have some of our favorite ways to incorporate nature into your home or office.


A Crystallized Mirror

While these may not be the best for above your vanity, a crystal mirror can bring an earthen vibe to a foyer or as a part of a gallery wall. We love the idea of finding a piece that can highlight your wall color, if you went for a blue hue find an amethyst colored mirror if your walls are neutral perhaps find a mirror with multiple colors to brighten the space.


Fiber Wall Hangings and Rugs

Adding in a natural fiber can ground your home. A jute rug can make a great mat for underneath a table or an addition to a utility room. Its sturdier build helps it hold up for years but can be scratchy to lay or lounge on regularly. If you aren’t in need a rug, opt for a macrame wall hanging. Again, this keeps your space grounded but it isn’t tactile and can add dimension to any room.


Egger Industries

This company is built on sustainability and reinvestment. Since 1884, this privately held company has been making wood finishings including veneers, paneling, and tabletops. If you’re looking to add an earthy vibe to your space this is a great company to look to. They are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, to manufacture products in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) standards. To utilize in your space, try replacing closet or hallway doors to one of these wood options, or you can commission a new desk or dining table. Depending on the wood, can bring a new dimension or color to your space.

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