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Designer Highlight: Lucie Koldova

During a recent wander through WOTH, I came across a piece on Lucie Koldova, and my interest was piqued. The Czech-born designer has blazed a trail for herself in the field of design. Koldova was the creative mind behind this year’s International Interiors Show IMM Cologne “Das Haus” this year. Her designs featured creative lighting and striking colors that drew the attention of many enthusiasts. After seeing the work myself, I began to explore and find some of my favorite designs online.


This lamp, named for the way its glass holds a Carrera marble roof, is a gorgeous piece that can deliver many forms of light thanks to its LED source. We love the way the light sits between the marble in a vacuum-like space, giving it a minimalist but sculptural look.


These seats add function and cheer to a space. The red especially brings a statement to the room where it is placed. Named for the pringle-esque bend in the backrest, the Chips chairs are an example of quality craftsmanship. The bentwood that’s done by hand and the elegant mix of materials makes these lounge chairs a great addition to a living area.


The juicy colors of this couch are settled perfectly into a cork exterior that is made from production extras of Portuguese bottle cork factories. The sustainability of this piece show Koldova’s attention to major trends and her forward-thinking ability. The cork material is completely biodegradable and resists wear and tear.


Named for the bell towers in many cities and towns, the Bella lamp is statement light fixture that’ll stand tall in any room. The copper tone adds some glimmer to the space but the uncomplicated design makes it an easy addition to a sophisticated space.

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