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Designer Highlight James Turrell

‘Without light, there is no life,’ says James Turrell, designer of the 29 Skyspace series installations. He is known as the master of light and has a unique way of provoking thought by using the sky, color, and lighting. Each installation is unique in its own way. Below you will find our design favorites.


Botanical Gardens of Culiacán, Mexico.

The Botanical Garden of Culiacan is the home for James Turrell’s Encounter. The work of art is an unforgettable skyspace experience. If you ever have the chance to visit, the grassy dome and narrow doorway alone, will entice you to walk in. Encounter features a circular dome that projects a change in light and allows the public to see different perspectives of the sky. This is such an inviting piece and definitely one of our personal favorites.


Amanzoe Hotel & Resort, Greece

The Amanzoe Resort is every traveler's dream and that is exactly why we fell in love. The luxe resort is surrounded by beautiful views of the Aegean sea. Believe it or not, James Turrell was able to take this view to the next level by installing the Sky Plain. This installation allows visitors to experience a unique and intimate view of the Sky’s transformation from sunrise to sunset. The design is showcased in a 36 sqm cube and is meant to give you a peaceful yet luxurious experience.


Ekebergparken’s Sculpture Park, Oslo

Norway is home to Double VIsion (top) and The Color Beneath (bottom). Both installations are by James Turrell and are site-specific to the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. These beautiful works of art are what will take your northern lights experience to the next level. This skyspace installation was designed to lead visitors through a neon-colored path. You may hear the sound of water drops hitting the floor as you’re walking toward the natural northern lighting.

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