nicole alexander

NICOLE is the principal designer and founder of Siren Betty Design. Previously, she has worked in hospitality, seeing the design process from both sides, which has helped her learn to create functional areas and further developing her love and passion for spaces. Nicole and her work have been featured in Architectural Digest, Chicago Magazine, Dwell, Forbes, Wallpaper and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. 

TRAVEL, art, and fashion are all sources of inspiration for Nicole, and she believes that meeting new people in areas alike can help you grow and open up a world of possibilities.

NICOLE uses her inspiration of fashion and applies it to interiors giving her a creative edge. She is extremely driven by the evolution process and seeing something through from start to finish.

WHEN she’s not focusing on Siren Betty Design, Nicole’s passions lie with her two children, who she considers to be her most favorite and beautiful creations.

401 N. Wood St. Chicago, IL

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