kaitlin swain

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KAITLIN got her start working for a prominent hospitality design firm where she gained experience guiding a range of projects from concept to completion. It was there that she just totally fell in love with hospitality design, and that love led to her to become a Senior Designer at Siren Betty.  Kaitlin finds inspiration all around her, but much of her design vision comes from places she’s stumbled upon in her travels.

HER favorite parts of design are researching and storytelling.  For Kaitlin, it’s so important to really dig deep to get an understanding of both a building’s history and the client’s influences – it’s that research that helps her retell those stories in a subtle and contemporary way.  She also really feeds off of the passions that each member of the Siren Betty team brings to a project.

DESIGN for Kaitlin doesn’t stop at work.  She and her boyfriend are in the process of gut-rehabbing a house in Evanston.  While working on the house and picking out all its finishes is keeping her quite busy, Kaitlin still finds plenty of time for her beloved fur baby Lula, an energetic Australian Cattle Dog and Beagle mix with a zeal for adventure.