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halie zulch


HALIE studied design at University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, where she had the opportunity to co-op in New York and San Francisco. She worked at Studio K in Chicago before joining the Siren Betty team in 2021. Halie loves seeing both the technical construction side of a project as well as the pretty picture side – anyone can dream up a cool idea, she says, but collaborating with fabricators, GCs and architects to bring the dream to life is, for her, the real challenge and the real fun.

HER TRAVELS have taken her to Japan, India, Thailand, Philippines, Paris and, most recently, Turkey, where she saw every ruin, checked out every museum, bought a great rug and drank with her traveling companion’s spunky grandmother.  Europe is next on her travel wish list, particularly Germany. When she’s in Chicago, you can find her at her friendly neighborhood watering hole Skylark in Pilsen or at Lula and Avec, which are also long-standing favorites.

SEWING, weaving and ceramics are Halie’s creative passions, and she started a brand of pillows and home goods called Thread Hand. But her heart belongs to a handsome little sphynx cat named Oliver, who acts like a really bad cat and an even worse dog. 

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