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We at Siren Betty believe that everyone has the power to achieve their interior goals no matter how big or small their budget may be.

This weeks blog post will focus on making your design dreams come true with these handy tips and tricks for designing on a budget.   

Cheap out on things that might be out of sight or overlooked such as hardware. Also, get creative with your paint choices. You don’t always have to have the most expensive products for every little detail in your home, and things like a cheaper paint can really stretch your budget, and no one will be able to spot the difference. This goes for tile as well. The use of some cheap or repurposed tile can add a focal point to any room, and you'll have everyone blown away by your creativity. Part of the struggle when designing is knowing when to splurge. We suggest picking quality items when it matters and mixing them with less expensive items when it doesn’t.

When to splurge:

  • Our founder Nicole suggests splurging on plants. She believes that plants make a space and can be the perfect finishing touch to any room.

  • Our girl Lexi says that splurging on a good statement lighting piece can help make a decorative statement without absolutely breaking your bank.

  • Nikki, our designer and drafter, suggests art and accessories to add some unique touches to a space. Items like comfy oversized blankets, Bath & Body Works Candles, or a large scale canvas to hang can add those little extra details that take a room to a whole nother level.

  • Our operations manager Susan thinks an area rug is worth spending the extra dollar on. You can hold on to a quality rug forever, while cheaper rugs tend to show wear and tear quickly. It's better to splurge on a nice rug now and have it forever instead of having to replace it once a year.

We wanted to leave you with some suggestions on where to get affordable items for your home. Tile Daily is a great tile shop whose motto, “Great tiles, at great prices,” actually holds true. Cedar and Moss is where we find our affordable modern and mid century lighting pieces and also an amazing place to find that focal point of your room that you have been looking for. We have also found some great retro styled stuff at Rejuvenation that we are totally loving. Some other excellent stores that we are digging for cheaper goods are Amazon, Wayfair, Domain, and Ikea.

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