1952 N. Damen Ave., Chicago

In designing Claudia, which is housed in an 1880s-era cottage, we envisaged a space that honored the building's architectural charm while also setting the stage for Chef Trevor Teich’s bold culinary adventures.  We used velvety fabrics, rich wood tones, warm lighting, and home-like comforts to create an intimate atmosphere that enriches Claudia’s multisensory menu. The space’s mostly neutral tonality provides a perfect canvas for splashes of vibrant color - including an impressive collection of original art - which draw influence from Chef’s visually stunning dishes. The mix of original millwork detailing and mixed metal accents create a juxtaposition of modern and timeless moments. Each of the three dining rooms offer a different aesthetic sensibility to complement their different menus, thus treating guests to a completely new experience with each visit.

Photos by Marisa Klug-Morataya

bar (3).jpg